Dreaming of Summer Sale & New Book

Summer scene with coupon code: DREAMING25 shown

Dreaming of Spring just isn’t enough after a long winter, so we’re helping give you something affordable to read in the meantime. Grab the 25% coupon DREAMING25 when adding e-books to your cart at locatepress.com.

But wait, there’s more! We now have our own print bookstore and are offering 10% off printed books ordered directly through our new store. We couldn’t do these discounts with Amazon before, so it’s really a first for us. These print deals are available only through store.locatepress.com – enter the same code during checkout and even use it for bulk discounts of 5+ copies.

Thank you for supporting our work, we’ve got a lot of titles in the queue right now – it’s going to be an amazing 2023. Read about Mark’s new book below.

New book released about open source GIS

Mark Seibel’s preview chapters from his upcoming book – A Journey to Open Source GIS: How to Succeed as a GIS Rebel – are now available (use the coupon to save even more off the already low $5 price). The book introduces the concepts of open source, GIS, and the upcoming version will dive deep into how to get equipped with your own toolkit instead of feeling shackled to expensive proprietary products.

In this brief introductory video, I go through the table of contents and discuss the purpose behind this much needed project.

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