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Tired of needing coupon codes to save a few dollars? Now you can order a Locate Press e-book and get an instant deal on a second book. Deals start at 10% and go up from there.

Read on to see how to use the deal, learn how to place a bulk order of print books, and hear about our sponsorship of the MapScaping Podcast.

Get the deal

Saving 10%+ is now easier than ever. We will continue to have sales with more dramatic coupon savings for our subscribers, but anyone can now get started and save a few dollars.

To access the deal, just add a Locate Press e-book to your cart. On the cart page you will see a discount offer deal, tailored for you. You can even refresh your cart to see a different offer.

Need fan swag?

Want to help support Locate Press and look good doing it? Our branded swag will help get the open source geospatial conversation started with your co-workers.

Get our new logo and colors or the classic design.

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We are a MapScaping Podcast Sponsor

(The first one actually)

The MapScaping Podcast helps deliver new and intriguing geospatial-related topics, many of which are open source or education focused. We are proud to be a sponsor to help support this work going forward.

Listen to MapScaping Podcast

Print Discounts for Courses

You can save on more than just e-books.
Avoid buying through Amazon or a distributor by emailing us to get direct access to 20%+ discounts on bulk purchases of only 5 or more books.

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QGIS Then and Now – 20 years later

Gary Sherman recently did a post showing how QGIS has grown since his first version twenty years ago. In a nutshell, it grew from 2,173 lines of code to over 2 Million! I had to check that twice to be sure.

We are also so thankful for his work on this and the many other devs that have picked up where he left off.

Thank you!

Click to read the full post on

Check out the full post on

October Newsletter (2021)

Hi and welcome to our short October Newsletter. Whether you are a new subscriber or an old customer, we want to stay in touch. This newsletter highlights one way to save on print orders, how to update your profile, and how to stay in touch.
We also include a link to an interesting podcast on Geospatial Python with Anita Graser and MapScaping. Watch our next newsletter for the upcoming e-book sale in November.

Nearing 10 years of being in business

Locate Press has grown a lot in just under 10 years, from 1 title to over a dozen. During that time we’ve moved to more digital products and look for new ways to stay in touch with both e-book and print book customers. 

We are using this newsletter forum to help stay in touch but in a focused way – e.g., sharing updates about your favorite books – previously we did not have a way to communicate with focus.

Now you can update your profile to opt-in to specific topics of interest.

Save money with 5 or more books

Need books for an event or course? Normally we limit bulk discounts to larger orders, but anyone can place an order with us directly – for at least 5 books and we will give a 20% retail discount. That’s like buying four and getting one for free.

What you do with them after is up to you – resell, giveaway, or get them autographed at an event – your call!  

Larger orders may enjoy even steeper discounts. We ship from USA, UK, and Australia.

Email with your order. 

Stay connected – follow more regular updates and discussion here

One last thing.

We regularly look for friends and affiliates that share topics of interest with our members. This MapScaping podcast is a good one. Locate Press author Anita Graser lays out the Geospatial Python landscape. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Locate Press swag now available: hats, shirts, stickers, and more.

Locate Press sponsors FOSS4GNL – book giveaway

We were happy to help provide some competitive reading material to the event including Discover QGIS 3.x and QGIS for Hydrological Applications. Contact us if you are having an event and need some giveaways.

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