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VitalSource Online Books

Locate Press is excited to introduce a new way we are making our books available to readers. VitalSource provides an online digital book reading platform with several perks that make it more flexible than a simple PDF.

While we continue to depend on our PDF sales heavily, this is one option that institutions may appreciate. With bulk pricing options, schools can license a number of copies of textbooks and virtually distribute them to their students. This is available through their bulk ordering system here.

There are also many pricing options available for timed access to a title we are reviewing. Currently we are using a “lifetime” access mode but are looking at making it possible to have 30, 60, 90 day access for students taking a particular course who won’t need the book forever and, hopefully, give it to them at a discounted rate.

This is still new for us and we have only put two test books into their system and used our usual basic pricing… so far. (Their “Save 80% on textbooks” does not apply to us at this point!) We would love your feedback on this option, especially for classrooms.

QGIS for Hydrological Applications and Discover QGIS books in the VitalSource catalog
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Are you already using VitalSource? Would you like more fine-grained access to content as well, e.g., buy a chapter, part of a book, or a convenient bundle of books? Share your feedback directly with us here.

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Online Course QGIS for Hydrological Applications

QGIS Hydrological Applications Course

Learn GIS for catchment hydrology and water management supported by two experienced certified QGIS lecturers. After successful completion you’ll receive the official QGIS certificate. The course uses the Rur catchment as a case study. The recent floods in this catchment makes the course extra relevant.

Lecturers are also the authors of the QGIS for Hydrological Applications book by Locate Press – Hans van der Kwast and Kurt Menke. The course is through IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and delivered online from 4-8 October, 2021.

While the course is online, it is self-paced and online live support is given by the instructors. Ths cost is reduced from previous course at € 355.

The course is designed for professionals (engineers and scientists) that active in the water or environmental management sectors, especially those involved in using simulation models for water management and GIS analysts.

Topic covered include:

  • Georeference scanned maps
  • Digitize vectors
  • Import tabular data
  • Join attribute tables
  • Interpolate points to a raster
  • Apply map algebra
  • Delineate streams and catchments
  • Find and use Open Data
  • Calculate the percentage of land cover per subcatchment
  • Design beautiful catchment maps   

Apply here.
Read more details in this post.

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Changing of the Guard

locate press logo for geospatial books and e-books

After eight years under Gary Sherman, founder of the QGIS project, Locate Press today returns to its founder, Tyler Mitchell.

Tyler has big plans so keep your eye on our website as things develop. You can contact him at

Remember, our books are authored by leading experts in the field of open source GIS.

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New Book: Introduction to QGIS

Get started with QGIS with this introduction covering everything needed to get you going. This entry-level tutorial, based on the 3.16 LTR version, introduces you to major concepts and techniques to get you started with viewing data, analysis, and creating maps and reports.

With this book you’ll learn about:

  • The QGIS interface
  • Creating, editing, and analyzing vector data
  • Working with raster (image) dataUsing plugins
  • The QGIS Processing Toolbox
  • Georeferencing
  • Creating map and reports
  • Resources for further help and study

The book includes a link to all the data you’ll need to follow along with each chapter.

Learn more at

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QGIS Birthday Sale! 

Nineteen years ago this week, the first lines of QGIS code were written. The project has come a long way through the efforts of a vast cadre of contributors.

To celebrate the last year of QGIS as a teenager, we’ve discounted all ebooks by 40% for at least a week; maybe longer. [Sale ended June 24th]

Get your books now before the sale ends by using the coupon code qgis-birthday at

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