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QGIS – what is it and why should I try it?
What is QGIS used for, is QGIS free, and other common questions from GIS users looking at open source GIS software for the first time.
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Celebrate FOSS4G – 40% Off Sale
40% E-book Discount Code FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2021 runs from Sept 27 to Oct 2 – you can still register to attend at as it is an online event.To celebrate FOSS4G we are offering a 40% discount coupon for all open source geospatial e-books at Locate Press.The sale will run from Sept 24 – Oct 4. Use …
VitalSource Online Books
Learn more about how VitalSource is the Locate Press distributor for online book reading for classrooms and more.
Online Course QGIS for Hydrological Applications
Learn GIS for catchment hydrology and water management supported by¬†two experienced certified QGIS lecturers. After successful completion you'll receive the official QGIS certificate. The course uses the Rur catchment as a case study. The recent floods in this catchment makes the course extra relevant. Lecturers are also the authors of the QGIS …
Geospatial/GIS Book Titles – Part 2
This post introduces our GIS & geospatial books that teach web mapping, routing, general desktop GIS and command line data utilities.
Overview of our Geospatial Book Titles
This post focused on each GIS & geospatial book in our catalog that teaches QGIS – to help you find the geo book you need!
What is Geospatial Technology?
Geospatial technology brings tools and data together to describe, map, and analyze the world around us and beyond.
Inside: The Geospatial Desktop Book
The first book published by Locate Press, by QGIS founder Gary Sherman, all things open source geospatial for desktop GIS users.
The Need for Open Source Geo Books
There are specific needs in both academia and the business world for more geospatial books that focus on open source. Here are two of them.

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