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Geospatial/GIS Book Titles – Part 2
This post introduces our GIS & geospatial books that teach web mapping, routing, general desktop GIS and command line data utilities.
Overview of our Geospatial Book Titles
This post focused on each GIS & geospatial book in our catalog that teaches QGIS – to help you find the geo book you need!
What is Geospatial Technology?
Geospatial technology brings tools and data together to describe, map, and analyze the world around us and beyond.
Inside: The Geospatial Desktop Book
The first book published by Locate Press, by QGIS founder Gary Sherman, all things open source geospatial for desktop GIS users.
The Need for Open Source Geo Books
There are specific needs in both academia and the business world for more geospatial books that focus on open source. Here are two of them.
Changing of the Guard
Latest news from Locate Press – changing of the guard, new book: Intro to QGIS, and QGIS birthday sale!

What is Locate Press?

Locate Press is the only publisher dedicated to open source and geospatial book titles. Print books and ebooks are available for a variety of topics for professionals and students alike.

Tyler Mitchell is the owner/publisher and lives in British Columbia, Canada.