Geospatial/GIS Book Titles – Part 2

This post continues where we left off in our last post where we introduced the main QGIS books from Locate Press. The other two categories of books we have include specialized GIS titles and more general GIS titles.

Geospatial & GIS book categories

Specialized geospatial software titles cover web-based mapping, routing analysis, and general raster/vector data management.

General GIS titles covers a wide range of geospatial desktop technology as well as teaching the principles of GIS and data management for new geospatial users.

Web Mapping

Leaftlet Cookbook

Recipes for Creating Dynamic Web Maps

by Numa Gremling

Numa’s covers all the needed pieces for starting your own web mapping project – including an understanding of raster and vector data layers.

No advanced HTML/CSS knowledge is needed as each topic is gently introduced. GEOJson mapping, layout, feature styling, and even geoprocessing with Turf.js is covered.

Databases and other more advanced topics are also included.

Routing in a Spatial Database

pgRouting: A Practical Guide

by Regina Obe and Leo Hsu

pgRouting is a complement to PostGIS – the open source spatial database, taking the basics of data maangement and queries to the next level.

This book introduces all the data types, functions, queries, and even QGIS integration you need for applying network navigation/routing on top of PostGIS.

Use it as a database add-on, QGIS desktop tool, or publish capabilities through web mapping clients – learn how in this book.

General GIS & Data Management Books

The Geospatial Desktop

Open Source GIS and Mapping

by Gary Sherman

Gary’s second geospatial book, and the first for Locate Press, covers a wide range of mapping and GIS software.

It is also a general introduction to open source GIS applications and concepts including raster data, vector data, spatial databases, coordinate systems, etc.

It covers command line tools, desktop GIS tools, scripting examples, and more. Software covered includes GDAL/OGR, QGIS, GRASS GIS, PostGIS, GMT, and more.

Geospatial Power Tools

Open Source GDAL/OGR Command Line Utiltiies

By Tyler Mitchell and GDAL Developers

In Tyler’s second geo-related book, he introduces the basics of using open source command line tools to manage your data.

Topics include converting, transforming, geoprocessing, and analyzing vector/raster datasets.

GDAL raster and OGR vector utilities are introduced along with their comprehensive command line manuals written by developers and formatted for readability.

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