New book: How to Succeed as a GIS Rebel

Initiating change can leave you feeling like the whole world is against you. This challenge is reflected in our newest book. Mark Seibel bravely shares his 25-year journey away from proprietary GIS software and into the open source GIS world, while teaching the basics of GIS from a less technical perspective along the way.

Everyone enjoys using open source software to some degree today without being judged for it-it was not always so. For many, it did (and still does), feel like you are stirring up a hornets nest when just trying to do the right thing and introduce new software.

Naturally, the status quo doesn’t like change and will often vilify very legitimate solutions and label you a troublemaker. But all one can do is continue on in the best interests of our careers, business, and GIS in general.

It’s not really about being rebellious, but we embrace the moniker to let you know: you are not alone in the challenge of bringing new GIS software to the table.

Many of us did this journey in parallel at the same time but this is the first comprehensive telling of the story to bring new GIS technology into the mainstream of normal business. It is one man’s story from college and entry-level work through to web mapping and advanced analytics as a consultant.

But it is not just a story – learn from Mark about the various types of jobs in the GIS field to consider (and how they differ), along with practical warnings about depending on blackbox software that can hold you back and examples of solutions that you can also apply. Learn the types of GIS software that are being used today and how you can leverage them for your own growth.

Going with open source for GIS may not seem as rebellious as it treated a decade ago, but there remains much room to grow in education, professional training, and practical application of free and open source software for geospatial activities. If you are still paying for software licenses, you should probably read this ASAP.

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