New Book: A Journey to Open Source GIS

OSGIS, open source geospatial book preview

We are thrilled to announce our first book for 2023, a preview of Mark Seibel’s upcoming book A Journey to Open Source GIS – How to Succeed as a GIS Rebel. Check out the book page for more detail, including topics covered in this preview and what will be covered in the full release later this year. Follow Mark’s LinkedIn account to hear more of his thoughts and see his background in GIS.

The two preview chapters include:

  • What is GIS?
    • What can GIS do?Why use GIS?Most important components in GISGIS titles and rolesCareers using GIS, and more.
      • Free and open source software (FOSS)
      • Commercial & proprietary software
      • Why commercial software loses against FOSS, and more.

    The full version of the book will include much more, here is a sampling:

    • GIS 101: Stuff Learned in University
    • Where’s OSS?
    • Foundational GIS Concepts
    • Entry Level Work & Broken Software
      • Where to Begin?
      • The Entry Level Work-Experience Paradox
      • Small Layover in GPS Technician Work
      • Public Works – No Thank You
      • 1990s GIS History
    • Environmental Consulting
    • The Big Switcheroo
    • How Open Source GIS Saved Me
      • The Joy of GIS Returns
      • Hydrological Modeling in GRASS GIS
      • Web Mapping Goes Mainstream
      • Intro to LiDAR
      • Getting Involved
    • Unstoppable Success with Open Source GIS
    • The Fun Side of GIS
      • Modeling Minecraft Worlds from LiDAR
      • Integrating Bathymetry with LiDAR Topography
    • Enterprise GIS Database Library
    • Geoblockchain – A Theoretical Use Case for Blockchain and GIS Data
    • The Big GIS Secret
      • Putting It All Together
      • Top Five GIS Mistakes
      • The Secret to GIS Success
      • GIS in Organizations: Technology & Users
      • Enterprise GIS
    • Can’t Beat Passion With Payments
      • Why Limit Yourself?
      • Keep Your Chin Up
      • The Future of GIS

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