QGIS for Hydro – Second Edition

We are excited to announce our first updated work for 2022!

QGIS for Hydrological Applications – Second Edition is now available as an e-book. Built on the latest improvements from QGIS 3.22+ it also has 10% more pages and various improved workflows and recipes.

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Read more on the book’s store page, including a comprehensive table of contents and overview of new features.

March GIS Book Sale & New Book Teaser

This post provides a 20% off coupon for all our e-books, introduces one of our upcoming new titles, and shares the various ways you can engage with us and the geospatial community at large.

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Geemap and Earth Engine – Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to tease you with this upcoming book, by popular educator and researcher Qiusheng Wu.

Learn more about his new book focused on Earth Engine and cloud-based geospatial analytics.

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Meet our authors

We now have a dozen active authors, with more coming soon. 

Check out our new Authors Page to learn about their work, their latest books, and how to connect with and follow their social media accounts.

Locate Press Authors Page

Printed book discounts

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Joining as a QGIS Sustaining Member

Locate Press has helped support the QGIS project, in spirit, for many years with most of our book titles dedicated to learning it. Our former publisher, Gary Sherman, started QGIS twenty years ago, and several of our authors serve as trainers or board members for different QGIS chapters.

Today we take one step further with direct financial support of QGIS as a Sustaining Member (small level).

Rather than just take donations and gives commercial benefits, the project has an interesting goal of recurring supporters through this membership program to help create ongoing contributions – it’s a good idea and thinking outside of the box is needed for long term sustainability.

If you are using QGIS in your work or business, please also become a member (see this link) and join us in furthering the cause of equal access to GIS technology by using open source development. Can’t afford a membership? An annual donation of any amount is also available. Below, I’ve copied some of the description of how the funds will be used.

From QGIS.org sustaining membership page:

“With your financial contributions we are able to:

  • keep the QGIS.ORG IT infrastructure up and running. This includes aspects, such as
    • the QGIS.ORG website
    • our issue (bug and feature reporting) system
    • the continuous integration system that tests each change or pull request against a series of automated unit tests
    • our documentation and API documentation system
  • packaging QGIS for the various operating systems
  • fixing bugs and other issues
  • managing pull requests and do code reviewing
  • mentoring new contributors
  • translating QGIS
  • running our QGIS grant system that allows contributors to work on behind the scenes improvements to the QGIS code base, our infrastructure, documentation or other aspects of our community. Work that otherwise would be hard to do by volunteers only or hard to sell to customers of QGIS development companies
  • organize and support our contributor meetings and QGIS conferences

QGIS.ORG wants to be transparent with the funds we receive and how we spend them. Please have a look at the financial reports and budgets in our Finance section.”

The nonstop sale!

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We are a MapScaping Podcast Sponsor

(The first one actually)

The MapScaping Podcast helps deliver new and intriguing geospatial-related topics, many of which are open source or education focused. We are proud to be a sponsor to help support this work going forward.

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You can save on more than just e-books.
Avoid buying through Amazon or a distributor by emailing us to get direct access to 20%+ discounts on bulk purchases of only 5 or more books.

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QGIS Then and Now – 20 years later

Gary Sherman recently did a post showing how QGIS has grown since his first version twenty years ago. In a nutshell, it grew from 2,173 lines of code to over 2 Million! I had to check that twice to be sure.

We are also so thankful for his work on this and the many other devs that have picked up where he left off.

Thank you!

Click to read the full post on Spatialgalaxy.net

Check out the full post on Spatialgalaxy.net.

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